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Patience and Fortitude, the famous library lions!


Alex Kahn demonstrating a pen light at the puppet workshop at Westbeth.


Sophia Michahelles on paying homage to handwriting and the inspiration behind the Ex Libris ballerina.


Video posted by Humera Afridi

Today was the last day of the puppet workshops at Westbeth. In the past week, over 200 volunteers, guided by Alex and Sophia of Processional Arts Workshop, participated in creating breathtaking puppets for the Parade of Illuminations and Ex Libris performances on the High Line. The performances pay homage to the fast-vanishing age of the written and printed word. Ex Libris will appear on the High Line from 7 pm to 8 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Fortitude and Patience, the New York Public Library Lions, on the High Line

Christine Lewis, a member of the Domestic Workers United Workshop, reading her poem, “The Price of Migration Equals Slave Labor,” on Saturday, May 5. The panel was moderated by poet and activist Mark Nowak.

Participants of the Domestic Workers United Workshop reading the choral poem, “They Say.”

Christine Lewis reading “The List,” a poem inspired by a friend’s job interview.