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Over the next weeks, PEN Members will be logging on to PENLive! to provide real-time coverage of events at this year’s PEN World Voices Festival. This site will be home to a variety of work: articles, commentary, photos, video, audio—all the ways to experience another dimension of the festival. 

We are delighted to welcome this year’s World Voices Festival Correspondents!

Judith Benét Richardson
Yaffa Fredrick
Antonio Romani
Humera Afridi
Carol Bergman
Amanda Dugan
Brook Wilensky-Lanford
Philip Turner
Betsy Mead
Anelise Chen
Jane Ciabattari
Shelley Rice
Malaika Adero
Matthew Aaron Goodman
Ronald K Fried
Lyn Miller-Lachmann

I’ve been attending the Festival since it began and always feel excited as it approaches. I’ve volunteered before, this year as a reporter, as my teaching term at NYU is just about over and I’ll have time.  A whole week in the presence of writers from all over the world seems the perfect way to refuel, to get my own creative juices flowing again. I always feel a strange resentment at the end of term: my students are writing a lot and I am not.

I plan to get down to Westbeth on Saturday to observe one of the Processional Arts Workshops and sincerely hope that we have pitch perfect weather for the Highline event on Monday.

On my blog The Great Gray Bridge, I’ve put up a preview post for visitors to my site and others who may not be familiar with World Voices, or don’t know it’s starting in just a few days. Mentioned the Margaret Atwood and Mona Eltahawy events I’ll be covering the night of May 3. Also, put a plug (below) for PEN in to my post and have shared the whole thing out via Facebook and Twitter. 

«PEN encourages active literary citizenship so if you are a writing or publishing professional, and have been considering getting involved, I suggest you do so. The international and domestic work PEN does on behalf of free expression is extremely effective and important.»

Speaking of Facebook and Twitter, if fellow Festival Correspondents are on FB and/or Twitter, please ‘friend’ or follow me there so we can keep track of one another before and during World Voices. On Fb, you can friend me at ‘Philip Turner,’ ‘like’ my blog The Great Gray Bridge, or on Twitter follow me at @philipsturner. Lilly at PEN has told me the Twitter hashtag we’re using for World Voices is #PENFest12. Thanks.