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As the audience gathered in the Martin E. Segal Theater at CUNY Grad Center for the third and final session in a day of exploration of Revolutionary Plays Since 2000, you could spot several revolutionaries dressed in red, or with painted faces, and at least one T-shirt with Obama depicted in the style of Che Guevara. Panel moderator Mike Daisey noted the cognitive dissonance of a gathering to discuss revolutionary theater happening on May Day, when various constellations of Occupy Wall Street groups had taken over parts of the city in some actual political theater.

But the assembled writers, translators, and theater-makers were game to create such a discussion, and they came at it from radically different perspectives. Michael Friedman and Kelly McCreary, from the investigative theater group known as The Civilians, performed songs from their cabaret-style show Let Me Ascertain You: Occupy Wall Street, in which all the ums and ahs of interviews with Occupies are showcased to dramatic effect.

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